Valeriy Antonyuk






Name : Valerii Antoniuk. Artistic pseudonym is Valeriy Antonyuk

Date and place of birth : 11 August 1979, Village of Derencovets, Korsun-Shevchenkovskii District, Cherkassy Region ( Ukraine).

Nationality: Ukraine.

Home and postal address: 7 Antonov str., apt.31, 03186 Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone home: +38 (044) 248 42 84

Education: 1998-2003: Student of Tchaikovsky National Music Academy (Kyiv), Composition and Orchestration Department, instructor in composition and orchestration - Prof. Gennadii Lyashenko. Post-graduate: 2004-2008: Tchaikovsky National Music Academy (Kyiv), instructor in composition and orchestration - Prof. Gennadii Lyashenko.

Specialization: composer and orchestrator. I am also a professional pianist, rock-pop singer and multiinstrumentalist. I play Ukrainian flutes, Moldova cimbalum (dulcimers), classic guitar, electric guitar, drums, bass guitar.

I compose classic music in all existing genres for different bodies of instruments: orchestras, choirs, specific chamber compositions. I compose also production music and custom music.

Experience: Collaboration with world known music companies (libraries) such as Sonoton, Manhattan Production Music, MusicJustMusic, GMP Music, Sound Ideas.

My music that is located in these music companies (libraries) is used by world known TV channels such as ABC,CBS, NBC, BBC, Outdoor channel, in cable retransmission programs, network television, cable network, national cable tv assotiation.

Collaboration with famous Russian-Ukrainian cinema company Star Media. Music for 3 TV movies, namely: «Red Lotus» 2008, director Zaza Buadze, «Bread Day» 2009 director Maxim Meheda, «Snake» 2009, director Maxim Bernadskiy.

Music for short films "Who Is Tanya" 2007, director Victor Gurov; "She Called Him Idiot", director Sergii Tihiy 2010. Music for TV ad series ( President election in Ukraine). Director Sergii Masloboishchykov (2007). Music for documentary film “Black Sea Navy 1941- 1944”, director Konstantin Konovalov, 2010.

Permanent participation in world known Ukrainian International music festivals such as «Kyiv Music Fest», «Spring Season Music Premieres».

My symphony pieces are recorded to the library of Ukrainian National Broadcasting Company by the best symphony orchestras of Ukraine and are broadcasted all over the country. Among these pieces are well known to Ukrainian listeners: -Cantata in five parts on the lyrics by Federico Garsia Lorca for soprano and symphony orchestra (recorded in 2005). -Piano Concert (recorded in 2007). -Four songs on the lyrics by Vasyl Stus for soprano and symphony orchestra (recorded in 2008). -Cantata in four parts on the lyrics by A.S. Pushkin for soprano and symphony orchestra (recorded in 2011).

Works: Symphonic, choral, chamber (vocal and instrumental) for soloists and instrumental ensembles, orchestral miniatures. Altogether about 600 pieces.

Songs on my own English, Ukrainian and Russian lyrics and arrangements in different modern styles such as rock, pop-rock, brit-pop, etc.

Memberships: Member of National Composer Union of Ukraine (2004), Member of performing rights societies BMI (2008), MCPS (2009).

Awards : Laureate of International Prokofiev Composer Competition, Ukraine (2000) for variations for piano quintet. Grand Prise of the II-nd competition "Solospiv" ( music in cinema) of the VIII-th Kiev international festival of documentary films "Kinoletopis-2009". Laureate of famous Ukrainian composer Levko Revutskii prise (2010) for achievements in composer creative work.

My languages are : Ukrainian, Russian, English.


Clicking on this Youtube link you can watch professional video and audio recording of my cantata for soprano and symphony orchestra based on poems by F.G. Lorca:
Valeriy Antonyuk_Cantata In Five Parts On The Lyrics By F. G. Lorca _Part - 1_Y Despues

Clicking on this YouTube link you can listen to some excerpts of my film music. This is a compilation of my symphonic music from 4 different movies:
Symphonic Movie Music Compilation

I perfectly know computer music programming and create orchestral and chamber music using a variety of the best sample libraries. In my case the sound of this music is pretty much the same thing as the sound of live instruments.
This is my mp3 demo-tracks in different music genres: